Mackenzie Regional Radio Club

Welcome to the Mackenzie Regional Radio Club Home Page.

The Mackenzie Regional Radio Club is an Amateur Radio Club based in Grimshaw Alberta.

Our mission is to promote the Amateur Radio (Ham Radio) hobby and provide communications to community events and during civil emergencies. To this end, MRRC maintains a linked VHF repeater network that covers from North of Peace River to High Prairie.

What is Amateur radio?

Radio Amateurs are the original “Maker” community. Using chunks of radio spectrum that have been assigned to them Radio Amateurs have been experimenting and advancing communications technology since the 1930’s.

Radio Amateurs are also community minded persons who provide radio communications for community events like marathons, and car rallys. They in time of emergency provide a vital back up to regular communications. During the Slave Lake Forest Fire and the Southern Alberta Flooding, Radio Amateurs were there and provided valuable communications when the regular cell phone and land line communications failed.

Here’s a video produced in Quebec that gives an over view of the hobby. The Modern Face of Amateur Radio