Mackenzie Highway Repeater Network APRS Info

The MHRN has several APRS digipeaters as part of it’s infrastructure. These digipeaters provide APRS tracking and most also provide telemetry for our voice repeater sites. At this time most sites only have supply voltage monitored via telemetry. As time allows monitoring of commercial power and shack temperature will be added.

The recommended path setting is WIDE2-2. RELAY and TRACE are no longer supported. 

ABn-N is all so supported by the Mackenzie Highway Network Digipeaters.

Digipeater Locations:

VA6SHS-10 Grimshaw Igate

VE6PRR Located in Chinook Valley north of Peace River – No telemetry at this time.

GIROUX Located just outside of Girouxville south of Peace River

VE6AAF Berwyn IGate co-located with the VE6AAF repeater in Berwyn