About Our Club

Town: Grimshaw, AB, T0H 1W0.

Club Callsigns: VE6PRR, VE6AAA, VE6AAF


President Arie Loogman, VE6SIS, 780-971-2103

Secretary Klaas Sipma, VE6KLM 780-624-0727

Club Mailing Address:

Box 7017

Peace River, AB T8S 1S7

Classes Offered: Basic Ham, Advanced Ham and Morse Code lessons for those interested.

Accredited Examiner(s):

Randy VE6RGU


  • VE6PRR 146.820 (-) Chinook Valley, Alberta
  • VE6AAA 145.49 (-) Peace River, Alberta
  • VE6AAF 146.790 (-) Berwyn, Alberta

IRLP Node 1450 and Echo Link Node VE6SAR-R are linked into the system.

Check the Mackenzie Highway System Link at the top of the page for more information.